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Secret of successful cougar dating

So, you are heading towards cougar life, to date hot cougars and want to know the Secret of successful cougar dating, and then this is the appropriate article for you.

Firstly, you must know who cougars are. What type of relationship you are heading for, whether you really want it or not.

Cougars are usually older women fond of or rather looking for and seeking younger men for quality companionship. Don’t mistake these girls to be those who want to get hooked because their husbands or boyfriends have ditched them. They are financially independent women and looking for partners for fun. Cougar dating websites are those websites that promote cougar dating. Cougar singles and those who want to date a cougar sign up on such a site seeking a cougar date to explore the best and worst of cougar life.cougar dating

Now, the point is how will you be successful when it comes to dating a cougar woman online?

Firstly, sign up on a popular cougar dating website, check out the reviews so that you don’t make a fool out of yourself. Take a tour around the site, check out the features, and understand how they work.
Once you are done with the signing up part you are ready to move on to step two.

Step two- Create your profile. This is not your social networking profile. Nobody is going to mug up your qualifications and give you a job or date you on that basis. So, give a small, catchy, informative write up on who you are. Don’t be boastful or end up using a stupid middle name.

Step three-once you are done with setting up the profile, it is time to upload some pictures. Would you like to date a cougar woman whose profile shows no snaps of her or are hazy/ over edited pictures?
No right? So post some impressive snaps. Don’t merely post headshots; it might make your cougar woman feel you are hiding something.

Step four- Be open about your relationship status. When a cougar woman approaches you and talks to you about your relationship status, don’t merely reply with “available”. That does not say if you are single or not. And, it would be a turn off for the person on the other end.

Step five- Choose your words carefully. Be it online dating or offline, choose your words wisely, and speak politely. Nobody wants to see how cool you act. They are going to speak to you and draw their own conclusions. So, why not be you, be comfortable and see whatever happens? Pay attention to spelling errors and grammar, women notice everything.

Step six- Take your relationship offline as soon as you can and let magic happen. But, don’t push it too far to the bedroom right on the first offline date night or the second one. It is okay to go a bit slow.

Step seven- Once you know you have got a cougar date, treat her like she is special. Do all the things you never did for a girl. No, I’m not of course asking you to be a slave or a servant; I’m talking of surprises, big gifts, memorable vacations and the kind you know.

So, get the Secrets of successful cougar dating from this article and get going.

How to date a local cougar woman

Cougars are the single ladies that are above 35 years old and prefer dressing up like the girls that are aged 25. These are the older women that look absolutely fine even if there’s between Botox and personal trainers. Cougars prefer putting on makeup and highlight their hair, while choosing to wear expensive jewelry. For the guys out there, if you locate a cougar woman in your vicinity, then do approach her. She will definitely pounce on you immediately. In fact, it has been found that some guys are really into the idea of dating a cougar. The hot older lady has really a cool house, with loads of expensive cars and lots of money. These are the local hot cougar ladies that will teach you many “skills”. Of course, you must really know how to actually date that super-elegant lady first before even reaping the benefits.local cougar dating

For those that are lucky enough to be cougar bait, you must know the aspects that are vital to treat her right, and secure your place in her life as a “cub”. Just follow these rules to be able to keep your cougar woman in the locality purring.

Be hot
The men that are not really good-looking and hot hardly have a chance with cougar dating. You must visit the gym and work out regularly, get a haircut, buy clothes that flatter as well as shop for fancy underwear. Make use of lots of beauty products and accessories.

Know where to find them
Cougars rather gather at bars and parties. You can approach the richest-looking elegant one that is out there. Attend the singles parties and even those that are into speed dating. There you are sure to get an idea of the women you can pick out and try to impress.

If you find the cougar stalking you, the best is to draw her near, by making eye contact. You can even stare at another lady which will be taken as an act of aggression. She will see you resisting and will immediately pounce upon you.

Not being stupid
Cougars are not the single 16 year olds; they are the wiser, older and smarter women you will want to date. You can induce into some kind of researching about music, art, and literature. See what’s happening around the world, especially in the city to please your local cougar lady.

Never call her

If the cougar lady wants to talk to you, she will definitely call you. Unless she contacts you, do not tweet her or even post on her wall. Never ever text her after getting drunk, which is a bad etiquette and you’ll look like a stalker. But make sure that you have your Blackberry nearby, since if she wants to contact you, you must be available to answer her.

Plan a nice date
If your cougar wants to see you, plan for an exclusive first-class date at a high-end place. That way you will be able to proceed to impressing her so much that she will definitely want to see you again.

Knowing your place

Your job as a cub is to look pretty, and also escort her to events where she can show you off to any other cougars. Do not overstep your bounds or she will definitely toss you.

Above all so not be tacky when you date cougars. It is always quite an open season for dating a cougar out there.